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Summer School 2022: CLIMATE RESILIENT HOMES AND COMMUNITIES FOR EUROPE – working together for a just transition

As in previous years, the EBZ Business School (FH) will again organize an international Summer School in 2022 together with the European Federation for Living (EFL).


04 – 07 July 2022 – EBZ Business School, Springorumallee 20, 44795 Bochum, GER


Amidst increasingly frequent bouts of extreme weather, and pressure to meet decarbonisation targets, housing providers face multiple challenges in adapting their existing and new housing stock. They must engage residents in processes of green transformation that ultimately depend on their cooperation. Transitioning to a more climate resilient way of life also requires housing providers to keep up with financial innovations that capture the long-term benefits of energy efficient housing, and digital innovations in smart home and neighbourhood design.

From innovative ways to use green and blue infrastructure, to circularity and low-carbon solutions, to new forms of green debt finance, there are many ideas being tested within and beyond European social and affordable housing. For our 2022 summer school, we welcome you to Bochum to address the challenges that the climate crisis poses for the affordable housing sector. Interactive workshops with housing sector experts will support our international student teams to devise and present strategies for increasing the climate resilience of a real-life development. In addition to exploring the state of the art in construction through field visits, our students will gain an understanding of key issues for our sector such as social vulnerability to extreme weather events, and fuel poverty.  

Housing professionals from all backgrounds, including new starters and those with several years of experience are encouraged to join in and learn together across national borders. Our multidimensional team challenge will require diverse skills across tenant engagement, neighbourhood development, ICT, sustainable finance, policy and strategic planning, green and smart construction and urban development. 


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Learn from each other, share your ideas, and be part of Europe!

Your EBZ/EFL Summer School Team

Dr. Anita Blessing (EFL

Hannah Kubitza (EBZ) 

Joost Nieuwenhouijzen (EFL

Prof. Dr. Jan Üblacker (EBZ)